of the


(Adopted June 18, 2001, amended December 16, 2002 & March 20, 2006)



1.01  In the by-laws of UCC-SB:

“Executive” shall mean the Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee chairpersons except the chairpersons of the Audit and Nominations committees.

“Organization, association or club” shall mean an organized group with a defined membership; whose membership elects officers, including a President and a Treasurer, with such group having a bank account and whose aims are connected to the maintenance of Ukrainian culture and are consistent with the goals of the UCC-SB.

“Membership” shall be the body of organizational members as defined in these by-laws.

“Council” shall mean the assembly of voting representatives of members


2.01  The goals of UCC-SB are to:

  1. Act as an authoritative representative for the Saskatoon Ukrainian Canadian community before the people of Saskatoon and the City of Saskatoon.
  2. Strengthen and co-ordinate the participation of Ukrainian Canadians in Saskatoon 's social and cultural life.
  3. Promote the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Saskatoon and Ukraine.
  4. Lend support to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress towards its goal of assisting Ukraine in building an independent, united, democratic state.
  5. Support the purposes and objects of the National Ukrainian Canadian Congress as listed in its constitution.
  6. Assist in the preservation and development of Ukrainian culture in Saskatoon.
  7. Promote sustainable organizational development.
  8. Communicate effectively with the UCC-SB membership and stakeholders.
  9. Encourage innovation and creativity.


3.01  The membership of the UCC-SB shall consist of:

  1. Ukrainian organizations, associations or clubs in Saskatoon whose activities are aligned with the goals of the UCC-Saskatoon Branch and who apply and are accepted as members.
  2. Individuals who wish to serve on the executive may do so, provided their participation is approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting.
  3. Individuals who wish to participate in UCC-SB membership meetings may do so, provided their participation is approved by the membership.

3.02  Membership fees for organizations and individuals may be instituted and changed by a council meeting provided 30 days of notice of intent to do so is given to all voting members in writing.

3.03  The council may terminate, by a two-thirds majority of those present at the vote, the membership of any member for just cause. Such termination may be appealed to an Annual General Meeting of the membership.

3.04  The membership of an organization of UCC-SB shall be declared lapsed if the organization is not represented at six consecutive regular council meetings (six months) of the UCC-SB.


4.01  Member Ukrainian organizations are entitled to a maximum of two voting representatives at council meetings. These representatives must be designated by the executive of the member organization in a letter signed by the president and the secretary. There will be proxy only if assigned by letter signed by the president and secretary of the member organization.

4.02  Until a member organization designates its representatives by letter, the president and the secretary of the member organization shall be considered its voting representatives.

4.03  Individuals referred to in 3.01 c) shall each be entitled to one vote.

4.04  If membership fees are instituted, then representatives of organizations not paid, or individuals not paid, may still attend meetings and vote on matters, except for those matters involving budgets, fund raising or the expenditure of money.

4.05  All executive members are entitled to vote at membership meetings.

4.06  At Annual General Meetings, voting privileges belong to the same representatives and executive members as at all council meetings.

4.07  Decisions at Executive and council meetings shall be adopted by a simple majority vote of those present.


5.01  The Ukrainian, English and French languages will be respected at all times.


6.01  The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 90 days of the end of the administrative year.

6.02  The UCC-SB executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting

6.03  The UCC-SB Council may fill any executive position that is vacant following the AGM.


7.01  The administrative year shall be defined by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.


8.01  Meetings may be called by the president, the executive meeting or the council meeting.

8.02  Should the procedures referred to in 8.01 not result in a meeting, seven voting representatives may submit a written request to the President to call a meeting. If the President fails to do so within a week, the seven representatives may convene a legal meeting by giving notice to all members entitled to vote. All decisions taken at such a meeting shall be considered valid for the UCC-SB.


9.01  Notice of meeting will be given to all member representatives entitled to vote at that meeting.

9.02  The accidental omission to give notice to any member representative shall not invalidate any action taken at any meeting held following such notice.


10.01  “Robert's Rules of Order” shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure of the UCC-SB not specifically covered in these by-laws.


11.01  Changes to the by-laws may be made at a membership meeting, subject to 30 days notice in writing being given to all voting members. The notice will specify the intended changes. The changes must be passed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.


12.01  In the event of the dissolution of the UCC-SB, all remaining assets will be forwarded to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Saskatchewan Provincial Council (UCC-SPC), 980 – 606 Spadina Crescent East , Saskatoon , SK S7K 3H1 . Should the UCC-SPC not exist, then the assets will be transferred to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Head Office, 647 – 167 Lombard Ave. , Winnipeg , MB R3B 0V3 .