Stage 1&2 English and English for Employment language classes are offered in areas where newcomers live. These classes provide newcomers to Saskatoon with the basic English language skills needed to enhance their career prospects and to actively participate in their community.

You are eligible for Stage 1&2 English classes if:

  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • You have lived in Canada less than 8 years.
  • You have taken the Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) and have been assessed at CLB level 1 to 7*
  • You are a temporary resident of Canada with a SIN number and/or valid work permit.
  • You are a permanent resident of Canada who cannot go to other English classes.
  • You are a Canadian citizen and are not eligible for federal English language classes.


  • FREE classes are offered evenings and weekends.
  • FREE child minding is provided by screened, friendly, multilingual child minders.
  • Books are FREE.
  • English classes are available to everyone. You do not need to be Ukrainian to study English.

UCC-SB Stage 1&2 English has registration dates twice every year. English for Employment also has two intake dates. You may also register at any time throughout the year by phoning us at (306) 244-8227.

Contact Information:
Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatoon Branch, Inc.
#206 – 2366 Avenue C North
Saskatoon SK S7L 5X5
Phone: (306) 244-8227   Fax: (306) 244-3582


* To take the CLBPT test:

  • Temporary residents and Canadian citizens: contact the Newcomer Information Centre at
  • Permanent residents: contact the Language Assessment and Referral Centre (LARC) at (306) 651-5272 to make an appointment.
  • If you need help making an appointment: Call our office at (306) 244-8227.