Kerri Anderson

After 15 years of teaching in Brazil, Kerri and her family moved to Saskatoon. She joined our team of friendly and highly-qualified Stage 1&2 English instructors back in 2010 and has been with us ever since. Her areas of expertise include K-12 classroom teaching, curriculum development and implementation, ESL/EAL and teacher training.

Kerri was awarded a Master of Arts and a Master of Education from a U.S. university; she also earned a Bachelor of Education from McGill University where she majored in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

Kerri’s teaching experience in Saskatoon ranges from teaching immigrant youth and adults, delivery of Enhanced Language Training and workplace awareness programs to preparing university students for TOEFL and CanTEST exams. She currently works days as an EAL teacher for Saskatoon Public Schools and Saturdays as a Stage 1 English instructor at UCC-SB.

Trudy Berscheid

Trudy began teaching EAL for high school students in the Richmond School Division in British Columbia nearly 30 years ago. After almost 10 years there, she moved to Sweden where she again taught EAL, this time to students from 6 years old to pension age. Having returned to Saskatoon in 2011, Trudy now teaches immigrant students in K – 8 classrooms with the Saskatoon Public School District. On Saturdays, she teaches adult Stage 2 English students at UCC-SB.

With Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees as well as a CerTESL, Trudy is not only experienced, but well qualified to provide language instruction for newcomers to Canada.

She loves to travel and is fascinated by the world and its marvels including the great variety of cultures it holds. Trudy is a great believer in providing an atmosphere of relaxed alertness in which students seem to acquire language with ease.

Elizabeth de Carle

Elizabeth de Carle is the longest-serving ESL instructor at UCC-SB. She was one of the first teachers hired when UCC-SB was awarded a contract in 2008 to provide neighbourhood-based ESL to temporary residents who were not eligible for other English language classes. She left our organization for a while then returned to teach Stage 1 English classes. She currently teaches CLB level 4 students on Saturdays at Rusty Macdonald library.

Elizabeth has an impressive educational background, having studied at universities in both New Brunswick and Saskatchewan where she majored in English. In addition, she took Special Education courses and she has a certificate in Teaching ESL (CerTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan.

Elizabeth is someone who likes to keep busy. She is an active member of several professional organizations for ESL teachers. Elizabeth holds memberships in the National Council Teachers of English, TESL Canada and TESL Saskatchewan.

Larraine Ratzlaff

Larraine joined the UCC-SB ESL staff team 2 years ago and has taught Stage 2 - CLB 5&6 and Stage 1 – CLB 1&2 classes. She previously taught EAL/ESL to high school-age newcomers for over 25 years with the Saskatoon Catholic School Division. Her areas of expertise include program development and implementation, assessment, English for Academic purposes and ESL Literacy, course writer, teacher training, and a love of teaching. Larraine is a long-standing member of TESOL International and TESL Canada as well as having served on the board of TESL Saskatchewan for several years. She is also one of the founders of SK TEAL (a Saskatchewan organization for K-12 EAL teachers).

Larraine attended Concordia University in Montreal where she received her education degree, specializing in teaching ESL and later received a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She looks forward to helping her UCC-SB students develop skills and confidence in English so they can move a little closer to their language and life goals. (And, she will show you photos of her 6 grandchildren and 2 West Highland white terriers!)

Jennifer Fedun
Program Co-ordinator

Olena Kolchuk
Financial Monitor

Liuda Chayka
Child Minder

Anastasiya Mysak
Child Minder