Ruslan Zabily, General Director and the highest ranking officer of the National Memorial “Lonsky Street Prison” Museum in Lviv made five appearances while in Saskatoon on October 11, 2012. He spoke and presented a video presentation at Ilarion Residence, Prairie Centre of Ukrainian Studies @ U of S and at the Morrison Library. He also visited the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and Musee Ukrainian Museum.

The Lonsky Street Prison is a prestigious government museum, memorial and research institution dedicated to the victims of occupation regimes in Ukraine. The Poles, Soviets, Nazis used it as a prison during the 20th century. It held political prisoners, innocent men, women and, even, children - Poles, Jews and, mostly, Ukrainians. Although Mr Zabily has been detained and interrogated several times by Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) agents, had documents seized, he remains committed to continue researching and maintaining this prison in its "as is" condition. We commend him on his courage and determination, bravery and dedication on this research project of revealing truth from within the walls of the prison - as well as his commitment to the continued formation of democracy in Ukraine.